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Safety, Connection, Integration

Meet  —  

Dr Kathryn
Energy Chiropractor


Dr Kathryn is a gentle and energy chiropractor whose work with clients aims to facilitate greater safety, connection and integration. Her journey to integrating a number of modalities has been fuelled by her own inner work. 


Towards the end of her Chiropractic studies at RMIT she was introduced to Network Spinal. It opened her eyes to another way of releasing not only physical tension, but bound emotional stress too. After a number of years studying and utilising and experiencing Network Spinal she felt called to learn more.

Kathryn was then led to Integral Energetics, a field of knowledge and technique that incorporated a deeper understanding of the human energy field and the power we have to connect too and integrate our life's experiences.


Kathryn works with clients to allow there nervous system and energy system to move out of a state of stress and fear and into one of greater safety and connection. This shift allows a greater sense of safety to be held by the nervous system and the energy system, giving space for us to connect with parts of us we have not felt safe to prior. 

"The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine determines the shape, position, tension, and tone of your life."

- Dr Donny Epstein DC | Founder of Network Spinal 


Network Spinal (NSA or Network) is a unique and different Chiropractic technique that has been developed over several decades by Dr Donald Epstein. It is a tonal technique that focuses on reducing stress and tension in your spinal cord and nervous system.

Facilitates the reduction of stress, tension and pain by relaxing and balancing the nervous system and subtle energies. A balanced and integrated neuro-energetic system gives space for easier breathing, a fluid flexible spine, increased vitality, inner calmness, and a more conscious connection to the self, others and life.



Upstairs, 77 Parkers Road,

Parkdale 3195

0409 569 406 (sms prefered)

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