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about Dr Kathryn

gentle chiropractor & energy healer

Dr Kathryn has spent many years learning & discovering the world of natural health & wellness. After completing a five-year double degree in Health Science & Applied Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT university, she then went on to dive further into the healing arts of energy work. Kathryn entered into a further two & a half years of study, in a field & technique known as Integral Energetics (IE). Through her study in IE she further discovered the complexities of not only the human mind, but also the human energy system & field, learning to understand the many layers of the human field & how it can be used as a resource in healing.

  Dr Kathryn has had a lifelong passion & respect for the healing arts, stemming from her own experiences as a child. Kathryn's approach to care always holds a holistic approach, looking at all domains of wellbeing, mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. Kathryn works by incorporating a number of gentle chiropractic techniques, including the Activator, Blocks, Network Spinal (a gentle chiropractic technique), Integral Energetics & Emotional Freedom Technique to assist you in achieving greater ease, connection & flexibility through your nervous system and body.


Every client's care is tailored to their needs. Along with assisting clients with their physical discomforts, Kathryn's true passion lies in assisting clients to build better strategies & techniques to manage their day-to-day stresses of life, both mentally & physically, facilitating the release of old nervous system habits.

Ultimately, Kathryn seeks to assist clients discover greater safety, connection & integration of their lives experiences that may be holding their nervous system in the past, in a state of perpetual fear. 

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