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Let me introduce myself.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hello, hello! So lovely of you to drop by and discover what I do, and how I could help you. My name is Kathryn Liveriadis. I graduated from RMIT university after completing a double degree in Health Science & Applied Science (Chiropractic). Within a few months of my journey as a young chiropractor, I discover something more. My path crossed with a field known as Integral Energetics, and immediately I was drawn to its wisdom. Even though I had just finished a five year double degree only 12 months prior, I began my further two & a half years of study to graduate as an Integral Energetics practitioner.

The last few years, as I have continued to evolve and grow as a practitioner, I've discovered how I can best be of service to the community around me. I've discovered so much about how we operate. How we often continue to run off old patterns, ingrained in survival. Often survival from events we no longer find ourselves in, but our nervous system

seems to find itself stuck in its fear state. I've learnt how to facilitate greater safety, connection and integration of those experience within clients (and myself), honouring where people are at, whilst encouraging them to see if they are willing to peer a little further over the cliffs edge. To discover their power, their strength, their truth.

I'm here to help you discover better. To feel safer, calmer, less tense, tight & sore, to move better, to breathe better & so much more. I may have begun my journey as a chiropractor, but I've found myself incorporating much more than just the skills I learnt at university. I feel it is part of my job, my duty to continue searching for better ways to help you. The clients that walk through my doors everyday who are tired, sore, overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel. I'm here to assist you in discovering who you could be if your nervous system wasn't living in the fear of the past in the present day moment.

dr Kathryn x

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