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The Moon & Our Cycle

For many moons now (pardon the pun) there has been an association between our menses & the moon. For some women, their menses seems to occur through the full moon of every month, for others, the new moon and of course there are women whose menses doesn't really seem to follow a pattern at all.

So. Periods. Annoying right!?! Is it though? Annoying? Is a natural process of an innate cycle, the completion of one, and beginning of another annoying annoying?

Lets shift the lens. It's AMAZING! The fact that our bodies hold this incredible intelligence to create life, but also ensure that the landscape in which this life is created remains renewed and cleansed is indeed amazing. There is so much that we can tell about our bodies as women if we keep a close eye on menstrual cycle. I'll cover a little more on this in another posting. Today, we are going to focus on the teaching & wisdoms of the women that have come before us, and the association they have found between our menses and the moon.

Now, there aren't too many (if any) double blind randomised control trials for this one, but there is countless generations of women's wisdom whose teachings & philosophies have been past down. I think sometimes we need to create space for the honouring of these teachings & pieces of wisdom. Sometimes there are questions too big for science to unpack, at least with its present limitations. So take what you will from these writings, let it resonate how it will.

Generally the full moon is referred to as the red moon and the new moon as the white moon when it comes to our cycle. There are different avenues of thinking in regards to what each may indicate on a spiritual level, but the below seems to be the general consensus on the matter.

The White Moon Cycle (New Moon)

If you find yourself going through the menses portion of your cycle (bleeding) at this time it is often said your going through a period of time that requires more inward attention. Your being may be asking for a little more self care and "me time" than usual. It's said that women who's menses falls on the New Moon are rather intuitive and it is often a time to draw in and spend some time restoring ones energy state.

The Red Moon Cycle (Full Moon)

If you find yourself going through menses during the Full Moon, it is referred to as a Red Moon Cycle. Our ancestors believed that women who bleed during the full moon were the healers of the tribe. The medicine women, Sharman (or Sharwomen as I like to refer to them), the keepers of wisdom. Bleeding through this period suggests your energy is focused on manifestation, focusing on empowering other women. Often their creative energy seems to be focused outward, focusing their service on those around them, unlike that of the women cycling with the New Moon, focusing their energy inwards.

Nothing else in the world makes a man like that more afraid than five girls on their periods.
Anna-Marie McLemore, Wild Beauty

It is interesting when we look at the general cycle of the modern day women, it seems rather rare that it aligns with one moon stage or another. One could argue that it is because such things are "old wives tales" or stories shared around the camp fire, but I don't think that is the case. I suspect that the dramatic shift in the way we live may have something to do with it. We have gone from being rather connected to the earth around us, to, well, rather disconnected. It is not an everyday occurrence that we find ourself barefoot on the grass, or with out some kind of technology in our hand or near by. It is also common place that women use hormonal contraceptives in prevention of pregnancy or to minimise PMS. All these things could potentially add to the dissonance our being has to that of the earth.

There is lots of information out there, all you have to do is do a little search online and you'll be flooded with resources. I'll be covering a couple of different topics in regards to the menstrual cycle over the coming months, so keep an eye out if it is something that interests you.

So keep an eye on your cycle. When does your period begin and end? Do you follow the phases of the moon? Or does your cycles rhythm follow another leader?

Dr Kathryn x

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